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Miami Decorative Microcement & Micro Topping Solution

We have a new addition to our selection of flooring and surface materials. The new available micro topping solution in Miami and South Florida is ideal to create a unique decorative space without the need to clear up or demolish your existing surface.

There are many types of micro concrete solutions; however, our new polished-cement look offers beauty, durability, and easy application.

Microcement and cement toppings can be applied to multiple surface types, including:

  • Concrete
  • Plaster and Plasterboard
  • Ceramic
  • Wood without joins
  • Etc.
Micro Topping Floor Residential Space

Micro Topping Floor Residential Space

Its strength, water resistance, and adhesion capacity make it suitable for a variety of areas, surfaces, and spaces. Walls, floors, stairs, furniture, and shower trays are all suitable. This type of micro topping application can work in moderate to high traffic areas, including residential and commercial spaces. Our new microcement product is flexion and chemical resistant.

We offer a variety of colors and finishes (i.e. gloss, mate, and stain). The color chart is available upon request. Contact us today to get additional details about our micro concrete product and installation services at 786.444.2921 or via email